Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sorry It's Been Soo Long!

So it has been quite a while since my last post… sorry about that.  I guess I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on lately.  Honestly not much has happened, I basically just lay on the couch all day every day watching movies or playing video games.  For a couple weeks after coming home my eyes acted really strange, I couldn’t focus them on anything… it was really weird and kind of hard to explain.  My mind has also been on the fritz… like I have very little comprehension of time.  Hours will go by and it feels like minutes and days go by and I don’t really remember anything.  For example, the other day I was in the bathroom and Tatiana kept knocking on the door to check on me what felt like every minute or two, but in reality she was checking on me every 30 minutes or so.  So what felt like 15 to 20 minutes in the bathroom was actually over 2 hours!!! 

                So the pain at home has been easier to handle than I had expected.  Sometimes I’ll move in a way that makes my hip hurt really bad, but it doesn’t hurt too badly for too long.  I am somewhat surprised that I haven’t had any pain from the incision, normally a 6+ inch cut would hurt right?  The hardest thing pain wise is still the muscle spasms.  It’s been a month since I had the surgery and the muscle spasms are still as bad as ever.  At my 6 week appointment with Dr. Peters I’ll be sure to ask about them.
                I’ve decided that the worst part of having a surgery like this is the sheer boredom and loneliness that has set in.  I can count the number of visitors I’ve had at home on one hand… Being so far out here in Eagle Mountain is my excuse, but I think I’m to blame for being so bored and lonely.  Sometimes I think, what if we lived closer, would more people come and visit?… Since getting married, Tatiana and I have been so consumed with school, work and each other that we have both neglected our friendships.  Sorry for that little rant, I’m just frustrated.

                Well, I have my 6 week appointment coming up soon so I’ll have more x-rays and more stuff to talk about shortly!

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